Season 1 | Episode 5

Joe, 2017

Listen to Joe, 2017
Photo Phonica

What happens when seemingly everyday sounds, like the voices of loved ones in the kitchen, become cherished treasures?

As the weather is increasingly on our minds, I am bringing you an episode I began putting together back in August of 2020 as the pandemic was gripping the country. It’s a sort of scrap book of seemingly prosaic sounds that I collected on a trip we took after Hurricane Isais knocked out power to our home in Connecticut. 

A voice you are going to hear, that of my father-in-law Joe, has since disappeared from our lives due to cancer. His absence from our real lives changed the experience of hearing this recording of the recent past. Listening now reaffirms for me why I create (or this case–record) because you never know when something will go from mundane to treasure. 


  • Music
    • Blue Boy by Ken Cormier
    • Crazy Hunger by Ken Cormier
  • Script editing assistance by Tina Chiappetta-Miller


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