Photo Phonica

Welcome to Photo Phonica! A podcast that explores the sound behind photographs. I would call myself a people photographer and a visual storyteller. For awhile now, I have been thinking about telling stories in a new way by creating audio around a single photograph. Making pictures is so much about putting a frame around the world and excluding everything else. I believe, this is where photography gets its power. From what’s included within the frame but also whats excluded. Recently I have become increasingly more interested in the story outside the frame. What else is a picture trying to tell us? This is the idea behind photo phonica: to start with a single photograph and listen to the sounds and voices within and around that picture.

Greg Miller is an American fine art photographer and audio producer, using the serendipity of chance meetings with strangers and large format street photography to build insightful, narrative photographs and audio stories.

Miller is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and a freelance contributor to National Public Radio, TIME and over 100 other publications.

His monograph, Unto Dust, a photographic meditation on New Yorkers observing Ash Wednesday, was published in 2018.

Miller was born in Nashville, Tennessee and now lives in Northeastern Connecticut with his wife and two daughters.