Season 1 | Episode 3

Batouly, 2020

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I met Batouly Camara two years ago on the campus of the University of Connecticut. In this episode, the activist, entrepreneur and former UConn Basketball player, reflects on her life and faith and how it has led her to become a leader who empowers girls through basketball and sports.

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You can follow Batouly Camara on IG here, on twitter here and you can find her children’s book, A Basketball Game on Wake Street, here.


  • Blue Boy by Ken Cormier
  • Someone Like You by Walz
  • Sunshine by Danijel Zambo
  • Crazy Hunger by Ken Cormier

I get script editing assistance from Tina Chiappetta-Miller. I also get additional production support from Tanya Workman, Michael Chovan Dalton and Scott Wallace.


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