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Mckensi and Patrick, 2021

Listen to Mckensi and Patrick, 2021
Photo Phonica

Years ago, I started photographing with a large wooden 8 by 10 view camera. It’s basically a big camera on a tripod. I focus the image on a ground glass that I can only see if I put my head under a dark cloth. All of that to say, that when I am using the camera in public, it’s pretty obvious. I realized early on that this obviousness somehow put people at ease. And not only the people that I was photographing, but myself as well. A lot of the tensions around talking to strangers were minimized because I was so visible. And then I realized something else: encounters with people ended up feeling like collaborations. Complete strangers on the street would help me make my pictures. 


Today’s photograph is just such a collaboration. I happened upon Mckensi and Patrick one summer day at Horsebarn Hill, a favorite destination in the small town in Northeastern Connecticut where I live. They were sitting, watching the sun set in the tall grass that would soon be hay for the cows grazing yards away. I asked them if I could photograph them; they agreed and then I asked if I could interview them. Before I pressed record, Mckensi and Patrick told me that they were just winding up a road trip from New York to Madison, Wisconsin and back. Mckensi explained that she had been studying acting, and all of her classes were still happening over zoom. What you will hear is something of a time capsule, the words and the voices of two people who’ve been experiencing this pandemic like the rest of us. I appreciate that they hit the road to get back to something more real. To me there’s no greater therapy than driving 1000 miles.

Listen to more music from Bloodfish below:

The Vessel | Written by Mckensi Scy
Altitude | Written by Patrick Dempsey
Chicago (Sufjan Stevens Cover)
Lonely (Being a Baby) | Written by Mckensi Scy and Patrick Dempsey



  • Blue Boy by Ken Cormier
  • The Vessel Written by Mckensi Scy and performed by Bloodfish
  • The Altitude Written by Patrick Dempsey and performed by Bloodfish

I got script editing assistance from Tina Chiappetta-Miller and Tanya Workman


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