Season 2 | Episode 3

Tom, 2001

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Photo Phonica

I met Tom on Maiden Lane and Broadway just days after September 11, 2001. He was standing like a statue looking up at the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center.

Many years later, I was reminded of Tom when I posted his photograph to my Instagram account in 2016. Sadly, when I googled him, I found his obituary. He passed away in 2012, but I thought his family might appreciate receiving a print of the picture, so I mailed a copy with a note to the funeral home.

In September of 2023, I received a call from one of his daughters, Jo Ann, who told me that she had just received a print from the funeral home. The funeral home had been bought and sold and the new owners were going through the files when the print I had sent to the Stevenson family popped up.

This episode is the story of a larger than life man told by two of his 10 children, Jo Ann and TJ, 10 years after his death and 22 years after I made the picture.


Show notes:

This episode was produced by Greg Miller in June 2023.


  • Gone by Lee Rosevere
  • Rain Dance by Jon Algar
  • Bass Instrumental by Ken Cormier
  • Waltz From Swan Lake produced by Thommy Andersson
  • Crazy Hunger  by Ken Cormier

I get editing help from Evan Roberts and Tina Chiappetta-Miller. 

Photo Phonica

Lt. Junior Grade, Tom Stevenson, the Samuel B. Robert’s communications officer.


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