Season 2 | Episode 2

Acey, 2022

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Photo Phonica

Acey, 2022

Acey is a therapist friend of mine to whom I would want to introduce you if you lived in our town, but it’s entirely likely that she would find you first. She is a mom, friend and curator of everyday life moments but also one of those rare examples of lovingkindness.

Show notes:

This episode was produced by Greg Miller in June 2023.

Music: Crazy Hunger  by Ken Cormier.

I get editing help from Evan Roberts and Tina Chiappetta-Miller. 

You can follow Acey on IG here.

Special thanks to Andy Adams for featuring Photo Phonica on the FlakPhoto Digest. You can visit FlakPhoto here and check him out on IG and FB. You might also be interested in following the flakphoto group on FB. Thank you, Andy!

Photo Phonica

Photographing Acey with the 8×10 camera at our favorite swimming hole.


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