Luana and Allison, 2008

Photo Phonica

Luana and Allison, 2008. From the series, Asilo.

My oldest daughter has a talent for math. She surpassed my abilities somewhere in elementary school. One day when she was in 1st grade she used the word “vertices”. I blanked. I just couldn’t remember what it was. She explained to me in the condescending way a 1st grader explains things, “Obviously, Daddy, “vertices” are the meeting points of two lines that create an angle.” She was so proud of herself for schooling her old man that it became a running story for a while. When she told the story though, I noticed she kept saying she learned it in kindergarten. After awhile I said, “You know, you were in 1st grade when you told me that.” She answered, “Daddy, I was in 1st grade when I taught YOU, but I learned it in kindergarten.”