Private First Class Alba, 2002

Photo Phonica

Private First Class Alba Walking Home, Dalton, New Hampshire, 2002.
PFC Alba was walking home from the bus station through this field when I met him. He was taking the last remaining steps to his front door on his long journey from Korea where he had been based. This picture was taken before the Iraq war began in 2003 where Alba went on to serve two tours before retiring from the Marines. I am happy to report that he is alive and well. Today I photographed at the small Memorial Day ceremony organized by our town here in Connecticut for those who were less fortunate. Our town is small enough that most of us fit with the veterans, firefighters and two marching bands on the knoll in the back of the cemetery. While the US war machine and the astronomical amount of our tax money being poured into creating more war makes me ill, I am very mindful of everyone who we have lost to war, their families and those who serve today. I am also mindful of the innocent people that are caught up in our wars and interests around the globe. Not much one photographer can do, unless pointing out daily that the beauty contained in one human is enough to end all wars. If that is the case, maybe there is something one can do.